About Us

Nitya Power Projects Private Limited , promoted by a team of highly experienced and well manned professionals and are constantly working with an aim to attain excellence and deliver the best in the business and its class.
Nitya Power Projects
Private Limited was established with the motto of
TQM (Total Quality Management) and to deliver the best quality and workmanship at all times. Nitya Power Projects
Private Limited has forayed into the Solar renewable energy &electrical industry almost a 13 year back and has established as one of the leading provider of engineering and related services. Since then, we have been performing with flying colors in various industries including all applications.

Nitya Power Projects Private Limited  , is the Electrical, Solar Power Plants,
Security, PLC, Networking & Fire Alarming services provider and has executed list long projects in completed Northern India and has extensive experience in this field. The company is working with clients in Private and Corporate Enterprises.

The Company is providing following types of Electrical Supply Installation Commissioning:-

1. Internal Electrification. 33kV Substation ,11 kV To 33kV HT Panel, Transformer, LT panel , HT LT Cable laying and termination, Bus duct, Cable Tray, Eathing Lighting (SITC ) 2. External Electrification. Street Light Pole, 11kv to 33 kv pole wiring, and 2 and 4 pole stature ( SITC) 3. Solar Power Plants. Civil , Structure ,DC wiring Inviter LT HT panel and Cable Laying & Termination ( SITC ) 4. Communication Systems like TV, Telephone, Cable TV and Data. ( SITC ) 5. CCTV, Security, Anti Theft applications. ( SITC ) 6. SPV Modules Mounting Stricture design manufacturers The company is working with clients such a

The company has its interests in most of the major current technologies and big institutions to provide state of art to its clients.

Our services includes:-

• Electrical (Internal / External). • Sub Station up to 11KV To 66 KV Switch ward. • Solar Power plants. • Fire Alarming. • Security System. • Networking.