Open Access Solar – Third Party

Many industries today aim to lower their carbon footprint and make strides towards procuring 100% renewable energy for their operations.
Off-site solar solutions via Open Access helps achieve these sustainability goals, while ensuring guaranteed savings for every unit of solar power purchased.

In the Third Party model, solar power generated at Nitya Power Projects Private Limited solar farms across India is supplied to your business facility, using the state’s transmission lines. Nitya Power Projects Private Limited bills you every month, for the number of solar units consumed, at a pre-determined tariff for 15-25 years.

Consumers who cannot opt for on-site solar solutions, because of higher energy requirement and space constraint within their premises, tend to for Third Party Open Access. Our solar tariffs come at a cost cheaper than the grid and the power generated is non-polluting.

Why Should YOU Consider The ‘THIRD PARTY ’ Model Under Open Access Solar?

  •  ZERO upfront investment as there is no Capex involved, and you pay per unit electricity, in-line with the PPA
  •  Solar power is significantly cheaper than grid-tariffs, clients can save up to 40% on costs per-unit.
  •  There is long-term clarity and certainty on price-per-unit of electricity.
  •  Risk-free option that requires NO technical expertise – Nitya Power Projects Private Limited will take care of end-to-end operations including setting up and servicing the solar asset .