Ground Mounted Solar Solutions In India – Nitya Power Projects Private Limited

Is yours a business that is looking to save electricity costs and switch to solar power – but space on your roof is restricted? Our customised
on-site solutions include Ground Mount solar systems, which can be installed in the land inside or adjoining your business unit.

Our customised, turnkey solutions have helped many clients rely on Ground Mount solar systems to reduce their electricity bills and lower their Carbon footprint

How do I engage Nitya Power Projects Private Limited in installing a ground mount solar power plant for my business unit?

  •  Similar to a rooftop solar system, all you have to do is give us temporary access to the land at your facility.
  •  Our team of experts will study the feasibility of land, design, engineer, construct and service your solar system in a matter of days.

Refer to our pages on On-site solar and Rooftop solar to know more about the financing options made available to you by Nitya Power Projects Private Limited